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JIm, Jerry, Paul, Josh

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Headed by front man Morris Paul Lippens is a band that plays roots rock/alt/country/twang. Their music, harmony driven with a tasty two gutiar punch is reminiscent of the Faces. Think of an Altman Brother's jam with the hooks and vocal sensibiltiy of Tom Petty, but you won't have to think to hard because the music speaks for itself.

The band has recorded five studio albums, Two Rooms, Penny Arcade, Pavement Bliss, Transmissions and Unwind.

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“There is no doubt that paul has the ability to transform trivial products (simple songs or spontaneous themes) into META-ART. He is a composer of high quality, well versed in tradtional music theory..Mr Lippens, as a performer, consistently exhibts the skills of a Virtuoso.“

Dr Yusef A. Lateef

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